Dismantling of heat and power plant Gera Nord (Germany)

Location: Gera , Germany

The scope of the task included disassembly and preparation for relocation of a combined heat and power plant with an electric power of 78 MW and a thermal power of 140 MW. The disassembly included the disassembly of all equipment and structure, including two SIEMENS SGT – 600 gas turbines, two ABB steam turbines, two generators, furnaces, transformers, pipelines, control stations and electrical installations. For the relocated facility, we have made full technical documentation and labeling with the use of the QR code method, which will allow the facility to be reinstalled at its destination. The equipment has been packed and secured for sea transport in accordance with applicable standards. The volume of disassembled equipment, translated into transport units, is 204 sea containers and 98 oversized transports.

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